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Everyone has a passion for music; in spite of busy schedule most of us have a tendency to listen to our favorite music while driving to office or home or even while relaxing after supper. Music rejuvenates you mentally and it is one the best therapy for those who are depressed or highly excited. Music calms you down to the extent that you can considerably regulate your blood pressure. Remember; when you listen to the pleasant and mesmerizing music from the reputed Charlotte Chorale group, you would calm down completely and the melody of the music presented by the group continue to reverberate in your ears for many weeks. After listening to the music of this group namely Charlotte Chorale; you would become an ardent music lover.

A humble beginning: As the very name indicates, this music group took its birth in the Charlotte County, Florida, USA. This Chorale group came into being in the year 1989. The Chorale owes its origin to Charlotte County Adult and Community Chorus. The intention of Charlotte Chorale was to provide a platform for vocal musicians to present their talent so as to entertain the audience. That would enable the musicians to present and also enhance their talent. It was R. Bruce MacGrego who started the Chorale with a group of 28 vocal musicians capable of presenting chorale literature and Betty Ogle was given the task of providing the accomplishment. This humble start was in the year 1989 and thereafter the popularity of Charlotte Chorale spread far and wide. In due course, the group expanded its activities and started symphonic chorale and started presenting devotional and also traditional and contemporary chorales. Wherever required, smaller Chorale group comprising of about twelve or fourteen artists would present the music performance.

Extended activities: Gradually, the Chorale group started widening its activities. The group planned to spread the art of music by helping music loving students of the County. The group started providing scholarship to these music loving students which served as an encouragement to such students. Further, these students were also provided with an opportunity in the Chorale group and this helped the students to improve their art by singing with the experienced musicians of the Group. Interestingly, Charlotte Chorale also provided financial assistance to several other music performers. For example, Charlotte Chorale provided financial assistance to Elementary Honor Chorus concert and Charlotte performing arts center. This emphasizes the fact that Charlotte Chorale group is not a self centered group; its concern is to spread the knowledge of music irrespective of the group that presents the music performance.

Right choice of art director and accompanist: It is needless to mention that an organization engaged in the spread of music should be saddled by another musician. In fact, that would help the organization to achieve its desired goal. Perhaps, keeping this in view the Charlotte Chorale group has chosen William Dederer as its Artistic Director. William has a long career spanning over 41 years in music. He was a professor of Music in University of Michigan. He was also the Professor of Music in the State College of New York. He was also the Dean of Conservatory music and vice president for academic affairs. He has also preformed Solo in several symphony and orchestra groups. With his wide experience William has been providing necessary directions to the Chorale Group. This has largely helped the group to achieve its object. The Chorale has Dolores Smith as the piano accompanist. In fact, she was singing in the Chorale group and she was also in the solo group. She is also plays piano various Churches. She has several years of experience both in vocal music and also in piano. She has been with the group for the past about five years and presently she is playing piano for the group.

Regulatory body: The activities of the Charlotte Chorale is regulated by a Board of Directors which comprises of President, Vice President, Treasurer, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, artistic director, chorale representative and other members. In addition to this, there is an operational committee which also consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and other members.

A nonprofit organization: Interestingly, the Charlotte Chorale is a nonprofit organization. Its main source of revenue comprises of tickets sold at various performances and donations received from music lovers. The tickets have modest price; in fact in one of the recent performance the tickets were priced just $10 and $20. Music lovers who buy ticket for the entire season are given appreciable discounts.

Membership is always thrown open: Any talented individual who can sing can become a member of the Charlotte Chorale group. The membership would be considered as per the norms of the group. The Chorale group publishes its itinerary every month and that would help the music lovers to buy the tickets for any of the performance.