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The Saginaw Bay Area Blues Society (S.B.A.B.S) was a registered 501 non profit organization dedicated to the promotion, teaching and preservation of the unique American musical artform known as "the blues".

The Saginaw Bay Area Blues Society provided members with Blues jam sessions, a website, administers educational programs and organized volunteers to represent the society at 'Blues' - related fundraisers, festivals and musical events throughout the year. The S.B.A.B.S. was started in the honor of many blues and country stars like Duke Tumatoe, Freddie King, Randy Travis and Garth Brooks.

Music enthusiasts would attend their monthly meetings, make copious donations to their mission and generally join in the fun

While the chairman, Jim Zimmerman, passed away in November 2008, S.B.A.B.S presented one of their biggest blues events, featuring regional blues acts Laith Al-Saadi from Ann Arbor and Harmonica Shah from Detroit. S.B.A.B.S President Rodney Shur said that this was the society's 6th cruise and that it was one of their board member's idea to cruise out to the bay anc back listening to live music.

Previous events have had acts such as Dr. Duke Tumatoe, Jason Ricci Band, Janiva Magness, Debbie Davies, apart from other local artists. Every year they would pick at least one group of artists who was not known in the local area and by doing so, they would expose them to wider audiences and expand the local peopls's listening pleasures.